List and write-ups of books we read in June

The monsoon not only lowers the temperature but also elevates the mood. The summer heat exhaustion dissipates. For some people, the pitter patter is a visceral experience like a lullaby. Apparently the sounds of the rain give the brain a tonic…

List and write-ups of books we read in May

Our MayReads saw a slight uptake on the numbers. Our write-ups are normally mini-reviews. But this time, one of them has poems and another is a full review.


Manohar Grandhi (on The Alamanack of Naval Ravikant): This book is an…

Books we read in April and a few micro-reviews

April saw a fine increase in our reading list - a good start to the second quarter of the year - as if the summer heat that put us down in March reading was rebuffed by us by reading more.


By Swapnil Saurav

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

थोड़ी तीख़ी थोड़ी नरम
आओ बिरयानी की बात बताये हम
टाटा खाये बिरला भी खाये
ऐसा लज़ीज़ खाना सबको भाए

चावल के लम्बे दाने
उसके ऊपर काजू इलाइची लगते सुहाने
किसी में होता मीट मटन
तो किसी में होता सब्जी मशरुम बटन
बहुत बढ़ाते प्यार बिरयानी
जब मिलके खाते चाचा चाची नाना और नानी

नमक ज़रा सा और गरम मसाला
हल्दी जीरा मिर्च भी डाला
मुँह में पानी तब भर जाता
पैराडाइस की जब कोई बात झेड जाता

जैसे ही इसकी खुशबू हवा में आती
मेरे दिल की धड़कन अक्सर बढ़ जाती
आओ मिलके करे भोज प्रारंभ
आज करे बिरयानी से ही शुभ आरंभ

Swapnil Saurav started writing in the year 2013 with technology books and in 2018, he also started writing fiction stories and novels. He writes about common people and describes things which can happen in anybody’s life.


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