Views and lists of books read by our members in March 2021

As in February, the count of books we read in March was also a smaller number. Maybe it was because of the financial year close and folks had to put up with increased work load or maybe it was just the tiring summer heat. Whatever the reason, we still have a not an unimpressive list.
First a few write-ups.


Muralidharan Parthasarathy: I would once again thank HydRAW only for making me read to share monthly reads. I have read a poetry book and a collection of classical stories…

List and views of books read by our members in February 2021

A slight dip in the number of books we read in February, however the quality and the breadth of subjects and themes remain widespread as always.


Aishwarya (on Chali Cheemalu): The story of this drama is more like an old Telugu movie. The usage of different slangs of the language is interesting.

Manohar Grandhi (on Go Giver): This is a book about Joe, a marketer who is struggling hard to meet his quarterly targets. He misses his first 2 quarter targets and wants to make up in quarter…

-- by Aishwarya Lakkakula

Photo by Michal Vrba on Unsplash

There is a garden in my heart.
The beauty is endless.
My blood is a red rose.
And the carriers are young stems.
The valves are leaves and are with sharp thorns.
The four chambers are roots with narrow walls.
And the complete plant is a happy thought that got planted in my…

These words of red, once they skipped out of my pen, romanced with me in stark solitude on a dog day of summer. Not all summers were as romantic as that of 2020; they were cold comparatively. …

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

Each day seems like time eternal I know friend, that it feels like hell Fearfully watching the daily news Unable to get rid of my lonely blues Nights are short and days are long My loved ones tell me to stay strong May be, this too shall pass away Or who knows? The Doom is on its way Still I have not lost my heart As a citizen, I shall play my part Will bear this and stay indoors In spite of feeling totally bored That is all I can do and have to Luckily, I have friends like you…

composed from images

When I was little I didn’t knew anything, Men married Women! First time I felt out casted. I found no love, pretend I had. Peers I hadn’t enjoyed. Left alone as I didn’t knew. Fear squeezed my neck. Never rose my voice, but burned inside. Love was not straight! So was I. Then I thought, what is straight Wandered over lands. Earned riches of voices, I had enough Found him on the way I knew there he was for me! Beards and beards never love? Said who? She loved her too! They will get along as beards with beards. Born…

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

My love for you has become diseased,
It finds no cure.
Months together have passed this way,
It finds no outlet,
It finds no door.

I, wandering aimless after years of toil,
To keep alive a dying relation,
As if sheltering a flickering light.

My life you resemble the pandemic,
Me alone fighting against your tides.
This emotional fight with the self continues,
The hope within suffocated as a caged bird,
Flaps its wings to fly,
Attempting to soar high in the blue sky.

My love I had cried to be one with you, To patch up our shattered parts…

Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash

Wings are wet,
Yet I will try to fly.
Says the butterfly in rain,
With the hope of sunrise.

The waves are high,
The water is swelling,
Yet I will try to sail.
Says the sailor,
With the hope of calm sea.

Petals are withered,
Yet, I will try to put up.
Says the cobralily,
With the hope of buds.

Forest fire spreads havoc,
Yet, I will survive.
Says the cuckoo,
With the hope of Raga Megha.

The isolated days are more,
Yet, I will try to live. …

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

I flew in during the pandemic
And joined a school in Kerala in panic

19 of them online they were
10 year olds and super excited in the screens, they were

They all seem to be virtually pro,
In playstations like fortnite, my foe.

Each theme had to be inspiring and thrilling,
No resources no notes no textbook and no writing.

Sleepless nights of research I had to spend clueless,
To rediscover oceanic species, ecosystems in 3D videos countless.

Some became animal activists,
And held up their posters as pacifists

19 of them called themselves, Blasterz & Blockbusters. …

— by Drishika Shah

Photo by Guillermo Latorre on Unsplash

I see people clapping hands
Outside their window panes.
Though they stand 6 feet apart
Their gesture’s united at heart.

The world is clapping together –
For the survivors;
Those who fight despite having lost
In memory of those who are lost;
For the people who risk their life
So that others live theirs without strife.

We stay united and clap as one,
To get through pain and despair
To give hope to our warriors
Who were regular people yesterday
But the reason we live to fight today

They fight so we can survive So we…

#HydRAW January Reads

We started off the year with yet another variegated list of books. Read on for a good set of reads and views of our members.
The views, first.

Arun Kumar (on Motherwit): This is a collection of stories written on Marathi translated by Veena Deo. The collection of 14 stories deals with Dalit women of rural and urban areas. I liked it the most in January reading list.

Salini Vineeth (on Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine): Didn’t like it much. 😐 Sometimes I feel old and famous books are over hyped The protagonist is great, but that’s about it. No…


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